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Supporting learning at home


Useful information, games and ideas

On this page there are a variety of resources which you can use to support your child's learning at home.  If you have any questions about any of the resources please speak to your child's class teacher.

A Government campaign called Hungry Little Minds also has some great activities and links to support yuor child's development from newborn until they start school, and a bit beyond! Click on the link below:


iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia-Reading & Writing difficulties.pdfReading tips.pdfUseful web sites for family reading.pdfReading 'Tube Maps' age 4+, 7+ & 9+.pdf


Common exception words & Yr5 & 6 spellings.pdfLetter formation handwriting sheets.pdfT-L-1069-Book-Review-Writing-Frame.pdfT-L-2412-Simple-Sentence-Writing-Prompt-Pictures_ver_2.pdfT-M-279-Postcard-Writing-Template.pdfYear 1 Grammar Glossary.pdfYear 2 Grammar Glossary.pdfYear 3 Grammar Glossary.pdfYear 4 Grammar Glossary.pdfYear 5 Grammar Glossary.pdfYear 6 Grammar Glossary.pdf


Building Brick Addition & Subtraction board game.pdfDoubling Space Race.pdfFour operations calculations policy.pdfFraction Forest.pdfHalving Jungle Race.pdfHelping your child learn at home in Maths.pdfHelping your child with maths leaflet EY.docHelping your child with maths leaflet Y1.doc 

Helping your child with maths leaflet Y2.doc

helping your child with maths leaflet y3.dochelping your child with maths leaflet y4.dochelping your child with maths leaflet y5+6.docMaths Top Trump Cards.pdfMultiplication & Division Board games.pdfNumber Bonds to 10 dominoes.pdfTelling the time game.pdf

Supporting children with learning difficulties

Calming a child - simple techniques.pdfHow can you help your child to succeed at school.pdfHow will my child develop in KS1.pdfHow will my child develop in KS2.pdfImproving your child's concentration.pdfMy Reward Chart.pdfParents guide to speech development.pdfSpeech & Language Therapy.pdfThe best questions to ask your child about their day at school.pdfWhy is playing and having fun with your children so important.pdfYoga cards to promote relaxation & sleep.pdfPre_Autism_Pathway_January_2022_Final.pdf

i-go is a register and FREE leisure discount card. It is for people 0-25 with additional needs living or studying in East Sussex. 
This could include learning, physical, or social, emotional and mental health needs. A diagnosis is not always necessary.

i-go | Discover the East Sussex i-go scheme


Phase 2 - 5 sounds & tricky words.pdfPhonics sound cards.pdf