About PTA

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA has been formed to provide a forum for communication within our school and its wider local communities and to raise essential funds to enhance the educational experiences of the children attending the school.   

Working with the school, the PTA is made up of volunteers, including governors, parents and guardians supported by the teachers and the head teacher, Mrs Carol Gardiner.  Mrs Laura Barratt (Class teacher - EYFS/KS1) acts as the liasion between the PTA and the school.

The main aim is to raise money for the school but we hope to provide strong links between the teachers and parents/carers/guardians, giving us all more opportunity to be involved in our children’s learning experience enhancing the work St Thomas’s does with its pupils.

The money raised has in the past been essential for the running of the swimming pool and its maintenance which is approximately £2,500 per year.  Historically this contribution has ensured all pupils at the school are able to enjoy swimming free of charge and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

The PTA will run a variety of events throughout the school year, to achieve this target.  All meetings are open and everyone is welcome, check the newsletter and Parent's noticeboard for dates and times.

All events need your help and support to work and are expected to be great fun as well!  Please contact Mrs Laura Barratt for more information.