Class & School Charities

At St Thomas' we endeavour to teach our children to be empathetic, kind and considerate citizens. 

As a whole school we support the following charities each year; Comic Relief, Children in Need and Save the Children.

We raise money through, mufti days, cake sales, wearing our Christmas jumpers and collections at our school Christmas performances.

We also take part in 'one off'  fundraising activities; for example we had a wear blue or green day to raise money for the Neurofibromatosis type 1 charity as one of our children suffers with this genetic condition.  We have also raised £361 for our local RNLI station by collecting 5p pieces in little jars.

One of our Teaching Assistants organised an aid for Ukraine collection at school and delivered the goods received to the local Rye collection point.

This year, our children have chosen class charities to raise awareness of and support with fundraising events.


ROOKERY CLASS - Reception & Year 1

In Rookery class, we are supporting, 'Hearing Dogs for the Deaf'.

GREYFRIARS CLASS - Year 1 & Year 2

In Greyfriars class, we are supporting, the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary.


Year 3 & Year 4

In Armoury class, we are supporting, 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'.


Year 4 & Year 5

In Castle class, we are supporting, 'Save the Rhino'.

Save the Rhinos.pptx


Year 5 & Year 6

In Mariteau class, we are supporting, RSPCA Mallydams Wood'.

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