RE at St Thomas'

At St Thomas’ C of E Primary School, RE has a vital role for the development of our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

As a church school we aim to give pupils an excellent understanding of the concepts, beliefs and practices within the Christian faith, whilst promoting respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths and beliefs.

Our curriculum is based on the ESCC Agreed Syllabus and we use the 'Understanding Christianity' resource. The Agreed Syllabus for RE in East Sussex 2022-2027

Our RE Subject Leader is Mrs Barley Dellaway.

RE policy

What we are learning in RE.pdf

St Thomas' RE Intent

Please click on the document to read our RE curriculum intent.

RE at St Thomas'.pdf

Progression in RE

Please click on the document to see how children progress in RE.

Progression in RE.pdf

Useful websites and knowledge organisers

Here you can find links to useful websites as well as knowledge organisers which you can download.  KS1 - BBC RE

KS1 - BBC - Religions of the World


KS2 - BBC - Religious Studies

Other RE Resources

Year 1 - Places of worship.pdf

Year 2 - Ceremonies.pdf

Year 2 - Christianity.pdf

Year 2 - Places of worship.pdf

Year 3 - Hinduism.pdf

Year 3 - Islam.pdf

Year 3 - Judaism.pdf

Year 3 - Sikhism.pdf

Year 4 - Buddhism.pdf

Year 4 - The Bible.pdf

Year 5 - Worship.pdf

Year 6 - Creation stories.pdf