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'Back in Time'

What we are working on in Terms 3 & 4 in Rookery!


 Literacy & Phonics

New Year's Resolutions

Stories froma range of cultures


Follow-on texts to be determined by the children's interests.

Yr.R. - Phase 1 phonics - tuning into sounds around us, hearing rhymes, alliteration, I Spy games, hearing syllables in words and rhyming words.  Starting Phase 2 phonics - learning initial sounds, blending & segmenting words.  

Yr.1 - Recapping Phase 3 Phonics - digraphs, trigrpahs and tricky words; then learning Phase 5 agaian, using and applying the sounds to their reading and writing.



Place Value within 20

Addition and Subtraction within 20


Understanding Seasonal Changes.

Everyday materials e.g. wood, plastic, glass & metal - exploring properties and experimenting with thir uses


What can we learn from stories - within Christianity, Chinese culture and Islam; considering clothes, colour, sounds, music and food

Similarities and Differences - what different things do we belong to?  Our likes and dislikes.


Yoga & Dance



Word processing - winter pictures with a sentence using 2-Simple


Art & Design/Design & Technology

Food Technology - prepare simple dishes using the principles of healthy eating.  Understanding where the food comes from.

Music Working with Mrs Rampling on Charanga

Creative Curriculum topic





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