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'Back in Time' 

What we are working on in Terms 3 & 4 in Castle!


We will be reading and exploring the adventure story - The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman.

We will also look at 'The Willow Pattern Story'.

We will be writing descriptively, producing narratives and writing in role.  We will also be looking at playscripts and instructions.


Division then moving on to fractions, decimals & percentages


Forces - we will look at pushes & pulls, magnets and friction.  We will also investigate both air and water resistance.


How can following God bring freedom & justice?

Explaining connections between the story of Moses and the concepts of freedom and salvation.  Making clear connections between the Bible texts and what Christians believe about being the People of God and how they should behave.

Explaining ways in which some Christians put their beliefs into practice by trying to bring freedom to others.

PE Dance, invasion games, yoga

Communication - word processing, presentations, online collaborations


Art & Design

Design & Technology

Chinese art.

The children will be planning, designing and making their own kite and evaluation their skills.

We will be planning a healthy vegetarian meal.


Specialist French teacher - Madam Pepper

We will be learning through games, activities & songs

Music Charanga music with Mrs Rampling and ukelele with Mr Hamblin

Creative Curriculum

Our topic is 'Back in Time', we will be learning about the Shang Dynasty which will tie in with our class text.  We will be focusing on history with some elements of Geography looking at the country and its culture.
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