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Yoga & Mindfulness at St Thomas' Primary



We were fortunate in receiving a Health Grant and have used part of this funding to introduce yoga across the school.  All classes and teachers took part in a yoga session taught by a qualified professional at the start of Term 6.  We will be introducing some yoga stretches during some Collective Worships and at the start of some sessions in classes. 

Next year during terms 2 & 3 children will have a yoga session (as part of PE) every fortnight.

Mrs Dellaway will be leading on yoga across the school, regularly reviewing yoga sessions, resources and staff training.


As part of last year's Health Grant, Mrs Dellaway attending training to be able to teach mindfulness across KS2.  She has worked with Armoury, Castle and Mariteau to teach the children mindfulness practices which they can use at any time. 

As part of the ongoing development of our Broad & Balanced Creative Curriculum, each class will have a 5 minute slot during the day where children can engage in one of the practices they have been taught. 

Mrs Dellaway will be working with Mrs Barratt next year to develop mindfulness in KS1.


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