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Design & Technology Week

We held a whole school Design & Technology week during the last week of term 5.

For DT this week Rookery (Reception & Year 1) designed and built a seaside scene in a shoebox, linked to the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. Then drew their designs, and then chose between sliders, winders, spinners and pulleys to make their seaside scenes move. We have had a very busy few days bringing our scenes to life. We also talked about Healthy Eating to link with the lunch element of the story. 

In Greyfriars (Year 1 & Year 2) they read the story Katie Morag and the New Pier and used this to base their D.T. work on. They explored structures and used a range of construction materials to build a pier and learnt how to strengthen the struts using cross shaped support frames. They have been measuring, sawing, cutting and sticking to create their lovely pier models. They have also learnt all about pulleys and how they make it easier to lift heavy loads; they made our own with yoghurt pots and cotton reels.

For DT this week Armoury (Year 3 & Year 4) have designed, planned and made automatons based on their topic of the Anglo-Saxons.  They have sawn & drilled wood used glue guns, added cams and painted their creations.  Continuing with the Anglo-Saxon theme they have designed and made shields.

Castle class (Year 4 & Year 5) looked at buildings and structures & how they are designed to withstand Mother Nature‚Äôs power. They looked at what particular designs are used in areas known for flooding, strong winds and earthquakes and why they are designed like that. They then planned and designed their own building for the character Zoe from their class book 'Floodland' to live in, thinking carefully about what features they needed to include to be successful. They then built the houses to try and withstand the elements. They measured, cut, sawed, used glue guns and upcycled recycling to build their designs. Then the class had fun testing them against the elements and evaluating them and seeing whose designs were the most effective and why they thought that was. 

After that they did some revision on how to build an electric circuit and designed a lighthouse to help the characters from their class book to be able to row to shore to what is left of the mainland. Again, thinking carefully about their designs and then evaluating them.

In Mariteau class (Year 5 & Year 6) they have been exploring the topic of Mechanisms. First, they had a go at making electric cars. They planned and built them including all the electrical circuits to make them move. They then tried to fix any problems and ran some final tests. 

Later in the week, the class designed and made some Mosaic clocks. They had to use a protractor to mark out the numbers on the clock face and then put the mechanism together. 

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