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RE Day 1.4.2019

 RE Day was held on Monday 1st April 2019; this followed on from a wonderful performance of the Easter Story by the Rainbow Theatre on Friday 29th March 2019. Each class had a 'Big Question' to research, discuss and answer and then we all shared our learning in a special assembly on Tuesday 2.4.19 to which the Reverend Meyer also came.


Why do Christians put a cross in the Easter Garden?

Rookery talked about the Rainbow Theatre performance and read a rhyming version of The Easter Story.  They talked about Easter Gardens and what they could include in them and which materials they might use. They foraged for natural materials and raided the junk modelling box to find what they wanted to create their gardens.  Children then either wrote about the Easter Garden or had their ideas scribed.  Jacob shared his answer to the question in our sharing assembly, 'We have a cross in the garden to remember Jesus who died on the cross.'



Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Greyfriars started with a game of pass-the-parcel which revealed parts of the Easter Story for the children to sequence together.  The final layer revealed Easter eggs, these were to represent new life.

Drama involving the whole class was used to share how it might feel to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.  The children discussed what they would expect if they were told a king was coming; they agreed that they wouldn't expect it to be an ordinary man.

Greyfriars haven't quite been able to answer their question just yet as they are continuing with the Easter Story all week.  They did however create some lovely artwork and displayes hsowing parts of the story.



Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

Armoury decided as a class that they initially thought that 'Good Friday' was a bad day.  They discussed what they might see, hear and feel on Palm Sunday and the events of Good Friday and how people might have felt.  The children focused on Mary, Jesus' mother, and how she might have felt and writing in role they wrote a diary entry. 

In the afternoon the children worked in groups of 3 to each draw/paint a picture representing one of the following joy, hope and despair/sadness.  They then joined their pictures together to create a 3 framed picture.

At the end of the day the class felt that, for Mary, Good Friday was both a good and bad day.  Good because by sacrificing himslef Jesus saved us but bad because he was her son and he died.


What did Jesus do to save human beings?

Lots of discussion in Castle class with children understanding that the answer to their question was that Jesus had sacrified himself for us.

Children could choose how to write about the idea of sacrifice with some choosing acrostic poetry.

The creative element to their day was in the children choosing from a range of materials to represent sacrifice.

Some made 3D crosses whilst others painted pictures.  All had some of the words, which children had discussed when talking about sacrifice, on their artwork. 


What difference does the Ressurection make to Christians?

To start the children looked up the meaning of ressurection; 'comes alive or brings something from the dead'. 

Then they discussed why Jesus was crucified and looked closely at the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

The children then wrote their own thoughts and opinions to answer their question.  One felt that it shows that death is not the end of life's journey whilst another thought that it made people feel more secure that they could believe in heaven. 


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