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This week Mr Meyer reads the Old Testament story of Jesus and the tax man


Zacchaeus the Tax Collector: Luke 19:1-10 Free Visuals | Zacchaeus ...

This week Mr Meyer reads the Old Testament story of The Helpful Servant


BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN: OLD TESTAMENT - Mega MagazinesThis week Mr Meyer is reading a story about Maximus Mouse


Click on this link to see Mr Meyer reading the Old Testament story of The Burning Bush.


Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a highly valued part of the school day. On Monday worship is led by Mrs Gardiner (Head teacher), on Tuesday either Mr Breeds (Assistant Head teacher KS2) or Mr Saxby lead the worship with  Reverend Meyer leading worship on Wednesday.  Mrs Rampling (SENCO) leads on Thursday.  Fridays are a celebration of our week with Gold awards, attendance awards, team points, class raffle/dojo winners, Wonderful Writers and Buddy of the Week award.


At St Thomas' children recite the Lord's Prayer in their classes at the end of every school day; we also have a school prayer which was written by the Class Ambassadors working with the Head teacher;

Dear Lord

Help us to enjoy and appreciate our school, where we can learn new things that open the door to your world.

We thank you for our friends and teachers here, who help us throughout our school days.

Help us to treat other people as we would like to be treated; with respect , fairness and kindness.



We are very fortunate to have a highly effective and inspired PTA; this year they have given the school garden a make-over and it is now our Prayer & Mindfulness Garden.  The garden was officially opened by Mr John Rodley - Mayor of Winchelsea on 27th September 2019.  Please have a look at the before and after photos.

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