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Supporting Learning - Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Tracking Progress

At St Thomas' we track the academic progress of all our children and put measures in place to help if any children's progress falls below what is expected of children their age. The Senior Leaders in the school monitor all children's progress and discuss this regularly with teachers. In addition we also keep on eye on the progress of vulnerable groups such as children on Free School Meals or with Special Educational Needs who nationally often do not make as much progress as other children.

How we support learning

We ensure there is quality first teaching in every class and independent work is appropriate to children's abilities. If any child is making slower than expected progress, this will be discussed with parents at Parents Evening and initially the class teacher will provide some extra support in a small group or one to one, at least twice a week. We screen all children using Language Link to check language development on entry at Reception and will use an intervention programme to help develop children's language if needed. A similar process is used with any children experiencing speech difficulties on entry to school.

If these interventions do not result in the child catching up or in the case of a child who is making progress but their academic achievement remains below the level  expected for their age additional support will be provided outside classroom lessons. This may be a group or individual intervention with a specialist Teaching Assistant or a one to one intervention with a specialist dyslexic or maths teacher.

If a child has a difficulty that persists despite our interventions we will use help from our Educational Psychologist, Speech therapist, Specialist Dyslexic Teacher, Occupational Therapist or School Nurse to help identify a child's difficulties and help us plan a suitable programme of support. If the difficulty remains in the longer term then a child may be identified as having a special educational need.

Parents are fully involved in discussions about interventions and any involvement of specialists in the identification of their child's educational needs.




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